Fun, educational and inspirational electives

Every week CVCA offers regluar electives to all ages that not only help the student learn, but make school fun! We enjoy chapel services every week, choir, student farming, art, computer classes and much more!

Challenging, Bible-based curriculum

Education plays a vital role in the life of a young person. In consideration of what your child is learning, keep in mind that your child will learn a "World View" from the education they are receiving. We have carefully chosen a time tested curriculum that not only teaches the child how to learn, but how to live.

CVCA Electives

  • monterey bay aquarium
  • gallo center for the arts
  • jelly belly factory
  • natural art museum
  • johns incredible pizza
  • great america
  • Music Basics
  • art
  • graphic design
  • pe
  • choir
  • bible

CVCA field trips

Make memories on our Awesome field trips!

Each year we schedule exciting and educational field trips. This year we were able to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Jelly Belly Factory, The Gallo Center for the Arts, John and for our Honor Roll trip we went to Great America in Santa Clara.

CVCA sports

  • basketball for boys 7th-12th grade
  • volleyball for girls 7th-12th grade

safe, loving and nurturing environment

CVCA is able to show more individual attention that most schools becuase of our high teacher to student ratio of about one teacher for every 8 students. The teachers are not only interested in the students education, but safety and spiritual well being. CVCA takes a very strong stand against bullying, worldliness and unkindness.

                                               excellent education with a biblical purpose